Thursday, July 16, 2009

Teggie Loves Sunshine!

Teggie is 5 months old...
(Compared to the photo on May 22nd...Wow...)

As busy as we are, we had to share how much we miss everyone, and how happy Teggie is that we are moving beyond the rainy season and into sunny days! After a morning frap, she is wild-eyed and sitting still just long enough to pose for this photo. She knows "Up!" and can jump up on anything... and into the tub! When visitors come over, she is the best puppy ever... Sure, she wants attention, but settles down and makes for pleasant company.

Our petite Tegwen is running with her boy almost a mile several times a week now, which keeps him in shape. Although incredibly active, Teggie loves to just sit on the bank of our pond and stare out at the water sometimes... :) She is a splat at my feet at the moment... but we are about to go out again...

Teg and I will drop in on our friends later. Meanwhile, enjoy a Teggie smile and have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Teggie Says, "Yo No Quiero Taco Bell!"

Life is full of lessons. A boy looks at a quesadilla filled with chicken and cheese and sees an excellent opportunity to reward his begging Corgi... Then a mother cleans up after the poor puppy for two days. She's feeling well enough to go to the Corgi meetup tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for photos...

Teggie turned 5 months old this week! She is getting to that fun age in which she sounds and acts like an adult one minute and a puppy the next. So I guess I have TWO young teenagers in the house now...

They look out for one another. But camps have been keeping my son very busy.

Teg stayed for a few days at the local pet hotel while we were out of town on vacation. At Teg's camp, she is never alone, but plays with dogs her size--including an adult Corgi who was not impressed by her greeting, "yap, yap, another Corgi like me!". Teg slept with the onsite family's daughter in the girl's bed. To our surprise, when the Tegster came home, she was very skilled at being still and quiet on the sofa. So now while we catch up on our DVR watching on certain evenings, Teg can stay up a little later with us before retiring to her crate. Teggie learned a lot in Corgi Couch Potato Camp.

In my son's latest musical theatre camp, he wrote a play that combines "Wicked" and "The Phantom of the Opera" characters and songs. Above are three photos from the production. Teg's favorite boy's singing voice is deepening...

These postings during the summer may be sporatic, so feel free to friend me on Facebook, where I upload Teggie photos via iPhone on the go...

Happy 4th!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Teggie Wishes You a Frappy Saturday!

Watch as The Teenager ruins our sweet little Tegwen,
turns her into the ornery gnome, Tomboy Teggie!

After a good romp with her boy,
Teggie is subjected to frustrating sit-stay training...
When does clicker training start?!?

Have a Happy Puppy!
I poached this link, a great one to support those Corgi mom raw foodies like me:
I Eat Raw Meat: Raw Food Diet, Day 495- Chasing the Melatonin Mystery

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teggie's Two Front Teeth...

are missing! She's growing up so fast...

She was a little restless the night she lost her teeth, so we made this video of her sleepy frap. She plays her hide-and-seek game, in which her ears are always the giveaway... She saved most of her cool Corgi wookie noises for off-camera, of course.

Thank you, A Corgi's Blog, for our award! Teggie loves the attention. :::bouncing:::

Now, you have to see Cathy's New Corgi Painting! It's amazing...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teggie: Spoiled to Foiled! & Our Acceptance Speech

Teggie, who takes rain personally, has set about finding new ways to play inside these past few days. As a result, the old toilet brush has had it! Our lewd, chewed tool was just brushed aside in lieu of a new, Teggie-proofed version: Voila! The IKEA Lillholmen Toilet Brush!

And now, thank you to ClassyChassy of Expressly Corgi and ocmist of Country Corgi for two Top Ten Blogs That Make My Heart Smile Awards! As you may have discovered, Expressly Corgi and Country Corgi are among the best blogs in the universe, and we would give this award right back to them if we could!

...but the rules for this award are...

1) The winner may put the logo on their blog
2) Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3) Nominate 10 blogs
4) Leave a message for your nominees for: Top Ten Blogs that Makes Me Smile

And Teggie would like to give barks to her Top Ten Blogs that Make Her Smile:

The envelope please... oh, naturally Teg ate it...

en fran├žais...

Un..........Corgi Butts
Trois.......Chantels Fave Things
Quatre....Colorado Lady
Cinq.......The Senakames | Corgi + 2.5
Six.........The Corgi Lounge
Sept.......My Boo Bear
Huit.......My Favorite People Are Dogs
Neuf.......Three Commies and a Corgi

:::bouncing, bouncing, bouncing::: Love you all! :::Corgi Licks:::


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Corgi Noseholder & Teg's Trip to Grandma's House

Teggie fell asleep in the grocery store parking lot waiting with her boy...
She found that the drink holder in the car's console made an excellent Corgi noseholder...

Then she went to Grandma's house to see her cat cousins...who have the best toys!

Playing ball while the kitty boys look on in shock...

Cats have better hiding places, too!

Teg greets her new friend, "Hiss 'n' Spit"

Grandma shows Teggie the windchime...
which she works with her nose

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Teggie Needs Waterproof Pantaloons

Teggie smiles with a sigh,
"I Like the Lanai, it's nice and dry!"

My Corgi is a cross between a fox and a deer:
Her face flaunting doe eyes is angular and foxy,
Her Corgi pantaloons with their nubbin, boxy.
She looks upon wet grass with trepidation and fear,

Her belly will be soggy, her fur will be mussed,
She stands in the St. Augustine in utter disgust.
“I prefer to take my business where it’s nice and dry,
Please leave me to myself back on the lanai

To burrow like a fox, make a thicket like a deer...”
Even in the rain, I can’t complain,
Though she’s driving me quite insane.
How can I be cross with my Corgi so dear?

Christiane, Teggie's mom