Friday, June 5, 2009

Teggie Wishes You a Frappy Saturday!

Watch as The Teenager ruins our sweet little Tegwen,
turns her into the ornery gnome, Tomboy Teggie!

After a good romp with her boy,
Teggie is subjected to frustrating sit-stay training...
When does clicker training start?!?

Have a Happy Puppy!
I poached this link, a great one to support those Corgi mom raw foodies like me:
I Eat Raw Meat: Raw Food Diet, Day 495- Chasing the Melatonin Mystery

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teggie's Two Front Teeth...

are missing! She's growing up so fast...

She was a little restless the night she lost her teeth, so we made this video of her sleepy frap. She plays her hide-and-seek game, in which her ears are always the giveaway... She saved most of her cool Corgi wookie noises for off-camera, of course.

Thank you, A Corgi's Blog, for our award! Teggie loves the attention. :::bouncing:::

Now, you have to see Cathy's New Corgi Painting! It's amazing...