Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom, Teggie Keeps Tabbing!

Teg hits the tab key on her boy's laptop,
which is taking up all of
her lap!

"Well, don't do your homework on the way to school (Mom says this is not even safe!) and pay attention to me, your adorable Corgi girl..."

:) Teggie is all better, but will have to spend all day at the vet for observation on her next booster vaccination trip. She had a really yucky digestive reaction all week after the incident. Thank goodness for the doggie yard service. Love entrepreneurs who will do this for almost nothing, what a great idea!

:( Teg ripped her toenail on something in my bedroom and it really bled. Poor girl. After I cleaned her up, we sat down for a nail sanding, and I have to recommend the grinder versus the clipper. I didn't have the batteries for our PediPaws yet, so I used my heel callus remover with the sandpaper attachment and it worked great.

***Please note, Teg usually has her seatbelt from Outbound Hound, and we were still in the neighborhood when this was taken. She helps take Shayne to school every morning... and this is finals week! Yay for summer! Posting Teg vid very soon...


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Teg is growing so fast!
Every entry she seems to look more cute.
So glad that she's adapted to your home and life so well.
Nuttin' better than a corgi...or two, in the household. Except for the tufts of hair!

ClassyChassy said...

Fun to see how big your baby has gotten and how much she has changed! She is a real dear!

Infrared Goggles said...

Teggie is having fun with us, truly! I will be glad when it stops raining in Tampa, as she is rain-averse when it comes to going potty. The wet St. Augustine grass rubs her little low-rider belly. So it has been interesting for the past week... :P