Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teg, We Will Come Back For You!

Our Teg comes home next weekend! My son goes to the State Science and Engineering Fair this week (wish him luck!) and we pick up Tegwen the following day.

We have written a filk just for her based on
Steely Dan's


I’ve seen your picture,

Your name is right above ya.
This is your big debut,
For us, a dream come true!
And when you smile for the camera,
I know we’ll always love ya!

We will come back for you.
We will come back for you.
When the breeder calls,
You’ve got us all, our Teg-gie!
It’s our favorite Corgi movie.

(If anyone can come up with that second verse, I will send you a free gift!)

We have decided to feed according to Dr. Shawn’s Simple Holistic Plan to Minimize Disease and Treat Problems. This means shopping at a local pet shop that specializes in holistic goods, such as Nature's Variety Organic Chicken Formula Raw Frozen Diet. The ingredients look pretty yummy... except for the raw chicken.

We also supplement with flax seed oil from the health food store. This provides Omega 3s. It's excellent for humans, too--I drizzle it over salads as dressing, which adds a nutty flavor. In the past, our pups have loved the stuff--and it helps the medicine go down, if ever that is necessary.

Less than 7 days! We are counting them down...


ClassyChassy said...

I'm excited for you all!!! What fun you will have!!! A week late for the Easter Bunny to deliver, but such a welcome pup just the same!

Kelly said...

Yay that is so exciting!

My parents love steely dan so I had to give the second verse a shot.. haha, don't laugh :)

You've had your first shots
I'll get your registration later
I might make your collar blue
It sure will look good on you
So wont you sit pretty for the camera
I know I'll love you better

Infrared Goggles said...

Yay! Kelly gets a free gift! :D That's awesome! If you email me with a mailing address, I'll get your mini Old Mother Hubbard puppy treats for Gibson right out to you. :)

ClassyChassy said...

That is a great second verse!!! Not every corgi has a theme song! Too Cool!

ClassyChassy said...

I tagged you to play a blog game called ONLY 8! Check out my blog to find out how to play!

Freya's Human said...

Oh he's so cute!