Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teggie Trains Her Family

Teggie's Log
In less than 24 hours with her new family, Teg has trained them--using only precious squeaks and broad smiles--to do the following:

1) Throw her toys for a game of fetch (she figured out how to operate the squeakers and does not need help with that anymore)

2) Tear a bit of the humans' chicken dinner into tiny, bite-sized pieces and mix with her Innova

3) Go with her to get a drink from the fountain

4) Rescue her at night once the crate door is closed, and place her on the leather sofa with the down-filled throw, soft pillows, and cuddly humans

5) Walk her around the preserve where she may meet the neighbors, then carry her when she gets tired of walking

6) Take her with them wherever they go

7) Take her outside to potty, even at 1:30am (much easier to convince humans once they've fallen alseep with her on the sofa and she only has to wiggle and lick to get attention)

Only one thing remains to train, and it may be a huge challenge (ideas welcome):

* Get those humans to take off that silly leash and let her run into the alligator-infested preserve to explore!

(Before you judge this an impossible task, let us remember that this is the only Corgi baby in the breeder's 15 years who scaled the stall gate and escaped into the yard...)

For the record, the humans remain quite convinced that Miss Tegwen will never succeed at the escape. They say that they love her too much to ever let her explore the wilderness alone. Instead, she will be treated to daily walks and occasional camping trips.

Tegwen enjoyed playing with her new grandparents, too, who are cat people... but she has already started converting them to Corgi people.

Overall, Day One has been a big success!

In other news, one of the humans has just won 2nd Place in Junior Chemistry at the State Science and Engineering Fair. Hooray!

All Teggie cares is that her boy is skilled at puppy games.
Which, of course, he is.


ClassyChassy said...

Congratulations on the Chemistry award!!! So Cool! And congrats on bringing the new puppy home!!!

Infrared Goggles said...

Thanks so much, we are so happy with our redheads. :)

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Awesome chemistry award! What a lucky Corgi that will have such a handsome smarty pants to love. Congratulations!