Sunday, March 1, 2009

Corgi Toys! I'm Happy Just Imagining All the Fun We'll Be Having...

Tegwen, You Lucky Dog!

When my son was just a sparkle in my eye, he had a basket full of handmade toys. I waited until he had been on the way for almost a month before I bought the crib. And so it is with Tegwen. She turned three weeks old, so I bought out the toy store.

In the Waldorf tradition, simple silk scarves and wooden stick gnomes created an ideal learning environment for our human baby; but for our furkid, it's Einstein all the way! Stimulating toys suitable for a Corgi now include an array of seek-activating squeakers, tuggers and tennis ball launchers from fabulous companies such as Hyper and Kyjen. I supported a locally-owned business, only to find the toys a bit cheaper online, so you may want to start there if you like what you see here.

The Essentials of Play and Seeking
According to Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson, authors of Animals in Translation, who recently wrote Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals, dogs, who are descended from the nomadic wolves, which is perhaps why they have "high SEEKING needs," never really grow up, so need to PLAY a lot. "If you can afford it," says Grandin, " you should buy plenty of toys for your dog, and you should rotate the toys...Old toys are boring; new toys are fun. That's the rule. You should also play with your dog every day."

Love to be told to shop, and play with my puppy! Here is the short list of our first choices:
:: Kyjen
Egg and Babies Hedgehog (puppies can dig out the squeaky eggs)
Hide A Squirrel (watch a Schnauzer put them back in the tree stump)
Hard Boiled Softies Hedgehog (Great grunting removable rubber core, Batman!)
Fleecy Cleans Fling 'N Floss (wipes those teeth and gums clean)
:: Hyper
Doggie Driver (FORE the golfer to launch those tennis balls)
Dent-A-Tug (another "better breath, cleaner teeth" training toy)

Finally, Tegwen needs a ball like Gibson's. Watch Gibson herd his ball at Corgi Butts.

And don't forget Sunday is the last day to register to win a free dog toy from Expressly Corgi!


ClassyChassy said...

I think that ball would be great - I plan to get one once they start offering them in the grocery stores! We have tug toys, balls, frisbees that have the glow in the dark 'feet' on them and are made of fabric - look like flying squirrels - and we also have those agility jumps - great for when the pup is a little older! Is that the pic of the puppy you selected?

Infrared Goggles said...

Ooh, I cannot wait for the agility jumps! Our future trainer says to wait one year before jumping, though. The little girl in the photo is very special, and we will see her again this week. We have not made a decision yet, but are very fond of tri's...

Kelly said...

Ooo nice toy selection! My parents have the doggie driver for their lab and it is a lot of fun!

I am partial to red & whites myself (their hair blends into the carpet better, haha), but that tri is soo cute :) I am excited to see which one you choose!!

(Gibson thanks you for the meantion hehe)

Infrared Goggles said...

Great to learn that the doggie driver works! My son's on the golf team, so it's a bonding toy. ;) The red/sable girl is the one with the deposit on her, but there are quite a few tris, so that's why. She is my son's favorite... Also, We Love Gibson!