Monday, March 2, 2009

"God's In His Heaven"...

She is Puppy Poetry...

Tonight the "sullen wind" has stretched my longing to its limits. Are the little ones doing well in the cool spell we're having in Florida? How is our Tegwen fairing? I have been wondering... Then these photos arrived tonight, and although we do not know if we will bring home this baby or one of the Tri's, she warmed my heart with her sable coat on such a blustery night.

Our first Corgi girl was a Black-headed Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This is from the final infrared photos I was able to develop from my film camera, and my favorite photo of her. What a little princess she was in her bed of clover!

Birch frame from DA Custom Frames

Which baby? We just cannot decide. We wish all three. I promise to post photos from our next visit this week. Now that their little personalities are emerging, they should make amazing shots. Meanwhile, how lovely to curl up with a photo of a puzzled puppy who could be ours... "All 's right with the world!"

*With apologies to Robert Browning, who captured the strong feelings we have for our Corgi baby!

For a print of Tasha Tudor's illustration of Robert Browning's "Pippa's Song", or Tasha's Corgis--or perhaps a handmade Corgi cookie cutter!--visit her family's shop.

Soon, like Emily Dickinson I will say, "I started Early - Took my Dog - And visited the Sea -"


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Sweet post...those pics zing the heart right to the core!

Infrared Goggles said...

Thanks, the photos really got to me, obviously. ;)